Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

National Equality March 2009

Scenes from the National Equality March held in Washington DC on Coming Out Day, October 11, 2009. End Don't Ask Don't Tell. Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. Pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Now is the time. President Obama and the Congress have this opportunity to be on the right side of history. Let's help make sure that they take it.

I was proud to be representing my home state of Vermont at the March. Vermont shows that equality is possible. If my little state can achieve it, so can the federal government.

Marriage equality is now threatened in Maine. The Maine legislature passed a marriage equality bill this past spring. But that equality could be stripped away via the discriminatory Question 1. As with Proposition 8 in California, opponents to equality are using lies, hate, and fear-mongering to convince voters to take away the civil rights of others. Visit Protect Maine Equality to see how you can help.