Monday, December 1, 2008

Scary Quote of the Week

Apparently, William Shatner has a new talk show called "Shatner's Raw Nerve." The title is kind of scary, but even scarier is this description from this past Sunday's New York Times:

Mr. Shatner seems especially committed to intimacy in his interviews, sitting so close to his guests that you imagine he is going to begin spoon-feeding them.

Picture it.

On a side note, who among us isn't rooting for Liza Minnelli's latest comeback, news of which was featured in the Charles Isherwood article, Comeback With a ‘Z’. My favorite quote from that article:

In retrospect, how does she explain the strangest interlude yet in a life not without notorious episodes?

“Encephalitis,” she deadpanned, with a little extra pop of the doe eyes.

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