Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Favorite Idol Performaces #14 & #15

It's the song choice, stupid. That should have been the slogan for last night's American Idol.

Making bad choices: David C., Carly, and Syesha. David C. and Carly managed to make inspiration look grim. Not that I object to grim songs, but their selections seemed equally self-indulgent and self-destructive, and David's white jacket didn't help him, even if the hairdo held its own. Carly, I don't know, the girl has a knack for choosing exactly the wrong song. Expect her to be very pale on elimination night. As for Syesha, her voice was in good shape, but covering a song another Idol has blown through the roof is always ill-advised, especially after taking on Whitney last week. Still, of the three, Syesha harmed herself the least, not that that will necessarily keep her out of the Bottom 3.

Making decent to excellent choices last night: Michael, Brooke, David A., Jason, and Kristy Lee. So Randy (whose panties seem to be in a perpetual twist this season) and Simon weren't so hot on Michael seeking inspiration from Aerosmith. I thought it was a good choice (one that, for me, brought back the pure joyful melodramatics of high school car radio sing-a-longs), sidestepping the sappiness implied by "inspirational" songs while still fitting the theme. Michael's at his best when he puts some blues into his vocals, but he rocked well enough. And Paula sees what Randy and Simon either don't or prefer not to see: Michael, when he performs, is a big Aussie stud. Paula, bless her horny heart, it's not just your chihuahuas who want to jump Michael's legs. Right song for Brooke, but the "pleasant" (i.e. lacklaster) response was apt. Jason returned to his "Hallelujah" high with his choice of Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole's (spellcheck, please!) verson of "Over the Rainbow." Perfect for him and, like Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah," just unknown enough to get people rushing to the definitive cover. It might have been my favorite performance, but, was it me, or did he jumble the words around in stoner fashion? I was afraid that David A. might (with Daddy's help, perhaps) pick something God-friendly and god-awful, but "Angels" was spot-on. I had to entirely agree with Simon's assessment of the song and of David's performance. David remains something of a blank slate, but a blank slate who's gonna be going through to the end.

Last but not least: Kristy Lee, Queen of the Bottom 3. Based on last night's performance, she may not be there this week, shockingly enough. It was another very smart song choice for her, and she sang it with admirably natural--if slightly pitchy--conviction. I never expected to include a performance by KL among my favorites, but she deserves it for persistence alone. Definitely her moment. At this point, it's difficult to imagine any of the women cracking the final Top 3, unless one of them pulls out the right stops, but--after last night--I half-believe Kristy Lee is unstoppable. (At least till next week.)

Alas, this Idol fan is headed to foreign lands, where the show is likely to be off my TV and radar screens. Carry on, kids . . .

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Anonymous said...

David A. needs a bit more living under is belt to impress me.Talented vocally,but ,as a slightly trained singer, I feel he isn't using what he has correctly.Lots of breath problems and potentially strain issues as was stated by himself early on in the season.
Jason...the lyrics were all askew and he seems more a performer than a singer who truly feels the lyric.The original version of this song was amazing in my opinion.pure indeed.
Krystal Lee...i mean Kristy Lee...good song choice..she was into it,but vocally weak...very pitchy.
Carly,my dark horse in the run for the 'idol'..bad.Oh well.
David C? A poser...enuf said.
Shyesha...vocally out did everyone ,even though the song choice was off.
Have a wonderful time on your travels.Sounds like a truly exciting time.Thank you for your great post.