Friday, April 11, 2008

Idiots of the Week #9 ~ American Idol Voters!

Okay, I usually don't post my Idiot of the Week until the weekend, and there are probably more serious idiots than the TV viewing public, but, but . . . . Michael Johns, eliminated from American Idol?! Say it isn't so. I leave the country and look what happens! Worse yet, I had to read the news on the Internet in a jet-lagged state before I'd had my morning coffee. So maybe "Dream On" wasn't his best performance ever, but he was way better than, like, any of the girls. (And I'm not being misogynistic--I was all about the girls last season.) All I can say is: I feel your shock and pain, Paula! Clearly, Simon, Randy, and the millions of teenaged girls who clog the phone lines on Tuesday nights just didn't get Michael's genuine appeal. Same goes for the Yahoo! AP commentator Erin Carlson, who said he lacks star-quality. (Um, Erin, check out his departing performance. If you don't see star-quality there, honey, you are blind!) Their loss. And, bitterly, I am now glad to be out of the country, free from this charade and debacle. (Not that I won't be sneaking peeks next week at this time.) Kristy Lee all the way, woohoo!!!!

G'day and G'luck, mate. Come sing in my bedroom anytime. The invitation is open.

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Anonymous said...

ummm..well michael can also come hither to my bedroom, but there need be no singing involved!hehe
I do hoe the krystal lee comment was total sarcasm!