Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Winter is a Drag Ball 2009

Paparazzi, please just leave me alone!
Dainty Ivona rests her weary feet towards evening's end.
Zsuzsi, freed at last from the horror of free falling pantyhose, struts her animalistic stuff.
Zsuzsi practices her signature pout, which seems to be the only expression she's mastered.
Ivona is ready for her close-up, even if we aren't.
Lenin, caught up in his manifestoishness, remains immune to Zsuzsi's seductive charms.

Vladimir Lenin woos Ivona with his Communist Tranifesto.
The nearly enchanting Gábor sisters, Zsuzsi (left) and Ivona (right). It goes without saying that Ivona is the elder sister.
The blindingly vivacious Miss Ivona Gábor, one of the (very) lost Gábor sisters. She's also known by her (former) married names, Ivona Kiss and Ivona Koch. Perhaps her next husband's surname will be Makeover?

This year's Winter is a Drag Ball may be over, but the memories live on . . . 

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Anonymous said...

LOLOL OH All I can say is ........SWEEEEETTTTTT
Hugs to you both....(in and out of drag) Keep shakin up VT!