Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol ~ Season 7, It's a Wrap

So that stuff in yesterday's post about making peace with the decision and how it was really better that David A. won: Never mind! Lo and behold, the most deserving David triumphed after all. O ye of little faith in the American Idol voting public.

David Cook is probably mature and secure enough as a person and musician to do his best to avoid AI genericism (real word?). Kelly Clarkson has held her own, and David C's likely starting out in a more assured place than she was. (Don't do a movie, David, only advice.) He may not hold onto his hair for too many more years, but if he holds on to his integrity and his tender side, he could blossom into a very fine artist. Watching him on stage last night with Archie (side by side, it was clear who was the stronger presence) and with ZZ Top (!), he totally looked like he belonged there.

As for David Archuleta, it will be fascinating to see what becomes of him. He certainly has no shortage of talent and ambition. He has a musical future, perhaps literally. (Clay without the scary looks factor?) He could be dropped into a 50s teen musical as the good kid, and time would stand still. The obvious thing would be to market him in as many ways as possible asap to his very devoted, very young fan base, reaping short-term rewards and massive overexposure, but then what? (Rehab? Start all over again?) The other obvious thing would be Christian music, god forbid. If the Christian music makers are smart, and I've no doubt they are, they're already knocking on his door. With his innocent looks and that innocent voice: all too perfect. Resist, David, resist! My choice would be for him to lose a little of the gee-whiz puppy-dog cuteness (aging and world experience usually take care of that), eventually--after AI contracts and Dad are out of the way--find some pop geniuses to work with à la Justin Timberlake, and work towards a George Michaelish smooth sophistication, preferably without GM's run-ins with drugs and restroom cops. If he's honest about who he is, once he knows who he is, and is clever about packaging it, little David could stay a big pop star.

Bonne chance to both Davids. And get well wishes to Luke Menard, one of the nice guys in the top 24, who's been diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma.

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Joey7777 said...

I get such gaydar from Archuletta, though, that I think Christian music promoters don't want to sign him. They might be stuck with someone who eventually "comes out."