Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Idiot of Every Week ~ Bill O'Reilly

I haven't posted an "Idiot of the Week" for a while (not that there haven't been plenty; I've just been lazy), but one can always depend on Bill O'Reilly to be an idiot each and every week. I found this clip via Towleroad. The video seems to be coming down nearly as quickly as it goes up--what ? Bill O' and his legal bullies don't want his infantile little tantrum exposed?--so catch it if/while you can. Who'd have thought that the words "to play us out" would be so opaque (hell, even I knew what they meant) and that Sting could send a man into nuclear breakdown mode? Broadcast unprofessionalism at its best. "We'll do it live!!!! F**king thing sucks!!!!" Classic.

Update: It's not easy to parody a man who is already a parody of himself, but Stephen Colbert gives it his tiny tiny penis best shot and further f***s with O'Reilly's head.

Update: The gift that keeps on giving. Now, the dance remix version. "We'll do it live!":

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Joey7777 said...

I like Bill O'Reilly, even though I don't always agree with him, though. And dopey Towleroad always ignores the pro-gay statements O'Reilly makes because bitter Andy Towle hates Irish-American New Yorkers.