Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oops! A Cautionary Computer Tale

Proving once again the importance of keeping one's work and home computer, um, materials separate, this cautionary tale from Fairfield, California. A high school art teacher was apparently attempting to give a lesson on using Photoshop during his computer graphic arts class but instead, inadvertently, one presumes, gave a brief lesson on gay porn.

One student described the incident this way:
"He was just clicking on random files, all of a sudden this big image of literally gay porn shows up," said freshman Chris Matthews. "And he's going crazy, looking. Just by that reaction that shows he didn't expect it."

The only thing worse than unexpected figurative gay porn is unexpected literal gay porn. Oops! The student went on to say that the incident was "'disturbing, shocking'" and that the class was "'in a shambles afterwards.'" Lord knows teenagers never seek out porn, gay or otherwise, on their own.

"Some say the teacher denied the picture was his, while others claim the teacher showed little reaction and simply continued with the class." Hmmm, that porn does have a way of sneaking itself unannounced onto one's computer. Or perhaps the teacher did a Google search on an innocuous farmyard phrase and this was the unfortunate result? We gives me an excuse to post one of my favorite related clips by the brilliant French and Saunders:

I'm sure much will be made of the investigation in Fairfield, but I suspect that, assuming the incident is true, the high school students will recover without too many lifelong scars. The class might actually gain newfound popularity.

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