Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Favorite Idol Performance #4 ~ David Archuleta

Don't tell me he's going to sing "Imagine," I thought. Of all the over-performed songs in the world. I resisted little David last week, so I was certain after a treacly dose of "Imagine," I could easily do it again. But then he sang it, pushing and pulling the words and melody in all the right places, and it was actually pretty unexpectedly gorgeous, and it seems as though they can declare this season's winner right now. He's still (nauseatingly) adorable and a born interpreter. He owned the song and seemed utterly sincere enough to elevate it momentarily from the land of cliché. Obviously, he must be a compact burning packet of ambition, yet it doesn't show. Brilliant.

Runner-up performance: Chikezie aka Jacuzzi. Biggest let-downs: Michael and Jason Castro (even if he's still completely I-just-inhaled-weed goofily endearing).

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