Saturday, February 16, 2008

Idiots of the Week #1

In what I'm imagining will become a regular feature on this blog, I'm highlighting what I think is the most idiotic news story I came across in the past week. Of course with so many to choose from these days, the selection process is difficult, and there are surely some true-life-tales of idiocy I've missed. Unfortunately, no matter how ludicrous the news story is, it will have real and serious consequences for the people targeted by ignorance. An excerpt from the article, published in the Gulf Daily News:

"The Interior Ministry has told us that it already bans suspected homosexuals as they try entering the country from Bahrain International Airport," said committee secretary Jalal Fairooz. However, he claimed the ministry said homosexuals pretend not to be gay by posing "manly" until they make it past immigration. "They look manly as they come to the airport, but when they get in they return back to their unaccepted homosexual attitude," said Mr Fairooz. "Homosexuals are found in huge numbers at hairdressing salons and beauty and massage spas, which the ministry regularly inspects." However, he said many homosexuals were slipping through the net because the ministry was having problems determining if they were gay or not. "Those who look homosexual or offer customers personal services are being caught by police and taken to the Public Prosecution," he said. He described gays as "dangerous" and a "threat to our society and Islamic values". "That's why the proposal asks the government to come up with a study on the problem and eliminate it before it increases and becomes hard to control, as more gays enter the country," he added.

Here's the link to the full article, which I first came across on Towleroad.

That's right, there's nothing more threatening to society than gangs of homosexuals in hairdressing salons. And if these homosexuals get together with all the homosexual florists and interior designers and pseudo-manly foreign fags, one can only imagine the terror that will ensue. Crack down on them quickly! Develop a foolproof test to weed out covert homosexuals! Interestingly, Michael Jackson is said to have a large fan base in Bahrain and has been welcomed there with open arms.

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