Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Favorite Idol Performance #1 ~ Jason Castro

Among the male finalists last night, I too found Danny A. both undeniably talented and adorable, almost too adorable. Since he's the current can-do-no-wrong front-runner, it seems silly to waste one's cheerleading on him quite yet. The other men that stood out were Robbie (kind of) and Michael, the latter oozing the kind of mature charisma that Danny won't be able to pull off. (Likewise, Michael better not try the adorable puppy dog shtick at 29, not that there's much danger of that.) Danny N. was the gayest, despite (or more because of) the Elvis posturing, which is saying something, since more than a few of the boys had gaydar alarms sounding nationwide. (Did anyone else notice that Jason Y. looks uncannily like Hayley from last season? Will he resort to short skirts?) But my favorite performance of the evening came from Jason D(readlocks). Castro. It was so casually natural and effortlessly charismatic. For once, a performer who didn't look like he was risking a hernia to get out calculated triple-axel show-off notes. Plus, those eyes, that smile (the jury's still out on the hair), the endearingly-awkward-it's-all-good-mellow-stoner demeanor that made everyone else seem desperate by comparison. You can't smell the ambition seeping out his pores, not yet at least.

Oh, and Randy had it all wrong. Paula was right on the money, aside from that color stuff, beating Simon to the praise.

And, I don't care what they all said, I like Luke. But then I have a weakness for handsome Hugh-Jackmany European-looking guys with vulnerable tenor voices.

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