Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Favorite Idol Performace #7 ~ David Cook

My least favorite David going into last night's show, but he took a flaccid Lionel Richie song and injected some life into it. Seeing this surprisingly riveting performance, I realized I've been biased against David C. because of the distracting pre-combover. Now he's more than a faux-rocker with a bad hairdo. Watch out you other Davids!

So, it's going to be tough to lose 2 of the guys on Thursday. All the boys have something to recommend them. I have new fondness for David H. now that his gay stripper past has been, um, revealed. Stripper with the heart of gold, and he's got some diva in his voice. And dear gay gay gay Danny, though his vocals never quite shine as much as they should, is working his attitude better each week. My favorite part of his "performance" was when Ryan said he hadn't noticed the purple highlights in Danny's hair and Danny did his, Mmmmhmmm, girlfriend response. Perfect. Michael still has the I'm-a-man-not-one-of-you-little-boys sex appeal that even AI karaoke can't entirely ruin. (He'll be better off if he loses towards the end.) Which leaves likable Luke and teddy bear Chikezie. Simon gave Luke the "girly" kiss of death and Chikezie the don't-try-Whitney-even-if-I'm-not-really-sure-if-it-was-Whitney brush-off, so I'm guessing they might get the ax. Chikezie has a damn sweet falsetto, though. Oops, I almost forgot David A. A bit precious last night, but he's still the teen-heartthrob to beat.

Unless the girls are a lot better than they were last week, I'd vote off a couple of extra blonds and give all the boys a pass. Unlikely to happen.

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