Thursday, March 27, 2008

Idol Aftermath

Not only did Kristy Lee not get voted off, she didn't even land in the Bottom 3. Which goes to show that cheese works, just make sure it's pseudo-patriotic cheese. Expect in-trouble contestants to start scouring the songbooks for titles that feature some combination of the words God Bless America. Maybe KL will try the national anthem next week while draped in the American flag? If she'd been eliminated my faith in the American people would have been restored. But she wasn't. If John McCain follows AI, he should take heart.

The other notable feature of last night's elimination show was David A's continuing insistence that he really really really picked that ghastly, I mean amazing, song. (See video below.) In fact, it's really really really one of his all-time favorite songs. (i.e. Dad had nothing nothing nothing to do with it! Simon smiled opaquely while altar boy Ryan attempted to clean up the controversy.) Who knows what the real truth is, but contrary to David's assertions, he did not look like he was having fun performing it. (Whenever a contestant says they were having fun, it means the opposite.) And if he really did choose it, then his taste barometer is highly suspect, and he'd better start getting some outside advice on song-choices, preferably not from close relatives. He's coasting on cuteness now, but, as Jason discovered when he landed in the Bottom 3 last night, cuteness has a way of turning on you.

Farewell, Chikezie. His elimination was not a surprise, but it was wrong. He was one of the class acts.

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