Saturday, March 15, 2008

Idiot of the Week #5 ~ Sally Kern

Sally speaks for herself. Ten years ago her remarks probably would have been kept within her close circle of bigots. But those days are gone. Today, people are indeed listening, and when what they hear is full of ignorance, it will be broadcast and held up for ridicule. That's the beauty of YouTube, the beauty of having openly gay people like Ellen in powerful media positions. So now Sally doesn't have to apologize--and she shouldn't for, after all, she meant what she said--but her true colors are exposed for all the world to see.

If Sally hadn't been a shoo-in for Idiot of the Week, Elliot Spitzer would have been a strong candidate. Moving large sums of money around to pay for your hookers when you're a current governor and a former relentless prosecutor who's racked up any number of enemies over the years: Not Smart. The same personality traits that make men succeed in politics also seem to make them fail at keeping their dicks in their pants.


Joey7777 said...

Here's hoping Rev. Wright will be next week's idjit. (My fave most idiotic point of his: White people injected HIV into the minority community to get rid of them. Then how, I ask, do Caucasians get minorities to keep spreading it through unsafe sex? Mind control?)

place in sun said...

He's definitely a candidate! Some weeks there are too many to choose from, alas.

Baywhale said...

'We're sorry, this video's no longer available' – but I think I got the gist!