Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Favorite Idol Performance #11 ~ Michael Johns

Okay, David Cook sort of stole Michael's thunder later on, when he did the Chris Cornell version of "Billy Jean" and got heaped with praise about his boldness. But it's not like he came up with the dramatic overhaul of the song, even if the rapturous response made it seem so (and even though Ryan clarified whom he was covering in the intro). Cook is smart and he's got the voice, but Michael deserves to have a night, and this was it.

When in doubt, do Queen, Michael. You can almost feel Freddie coaxing him on from the grave, perhaps noting Michael's shagability. Michael's vocals stumbled slightly in the middle, but otherwise he was hot, hot, hot. Try that, you little boys, Jason and David A. (David C. can't really pull off the hot thing till he loses the pre-Trump sweep-over do.) In fact, Michael seems too old to be faced with the indignity of competing with teen dreams. I always feel a bit sorry for him, like he's the 6 foot tall, razor-stubbled 5th grader who's been held back and really belongs in high school. Obviously, it was his choice to compete, but I'd like to see him charismatically sweating out the songs somewhere more appropriate, say, a strip club! I mean, a rock arena. You were the champion, Michael (did I mention, hot?), even if that song gives me nightmarish flashbacks to high school sporting events. Keep pulling off your clothes, I mean, out the stops. It's all about the vocals. It's all about the vocals.

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