Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rock On, Amanda

Amanda got the ax. It was inevitable, but she should have lasted a couple of more weeks. The legitimate criticism of Amanda is that she was a one-trick pony. But as a performer, she was easily better than both Kristy Lee and Ramiele. So what did they have that Amanda didn't have? Kristy Lee and Ramiele are smiley, perky, and cute. Amanda was none of the above. She wasn't viewer-friendly. But she went out with a bang. No tears or pleas of, "I can't sing now!" from Amanda. She was my sentimental favorite because she seemed completely lacking in sentimentality. Rock on, Amanda. I hope you sell out that bar in Lafayette.

The biggest surprise of the night: Carly in the Bottom 3. I didn't see that one coming, and I'm guessing she didn't either. Technically, she's the best female singer of the competition. If she gets voted off before Kristy Lee or Ramiele, it won't be because of the singing (see smiley, perky, and cute above).

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Anonymous said...

she is real....down to touch with who she is..and lives out a fantasy of many people by getting up there and screamin out there is all good in my book.don't be at all suprised if there is a recording deal from this....she deserves it.Truly an organic,passionate voice...what more could we ask for?